Thursday, August 11, 2011

..i cant..


I know i cant to do more..
it just I cant..

I cant..full stop..
No need to hurt me anymore,
it took me a lot to get back on my foot
so pliss dont hurt me more..
I said I cant..fullstop!

Allah nampak ape yg sy buat,
xperlulah sy nak cerita2 ape sy buat,
Cukuplah DIA tahu dan DIA hitung,
I will not ask for more..

My ability limited while my weakness a lot,
Semua kelebihan kita diambil dari kekuasaan Allah,
Saya syukur ape yang Allah bagi,
dan saya malu nak mintak lebih,
Jadi jangan lukai saya lagi..I cant hold it..

May HE guides my way,
Walo orang tidak melihat ape yang saya lakukan,
Allah melihatnya dengan teliti..


AGAIN..a sad post..


That hopeless feeling come again that i can't take it..
I cant take it..
I cant..

And that tears still running down..
For so has been running down..
Why dont u stop?..
what are u crying for?..
Why cant u hold it?

Why is it the heart is so fragile now?
U dont tell, but the silence said so..
The heart need a cure,
U cure it,
but why is it still crying?..

And the crying heart stay so,
And the tear keep running down..
The heart is not cured..