Wednesday, July 24, 2013

..Terpaksa Disclaimer..

I write not for any reader,
But for my self to ponder,
I want to remember my feelings,
While going through something,
Thats why I write it here.
Its only for people,
Who know me,
Since I was small in my tarbiah,
Living far away from me,
But really close to my heart.
Its not an answer to something,
To people around me,
To react,
Or being reactive to me.
Its just for myself to ponder,
For my mukhlisin,
To read..
As I miss them badly..

If I want everybody to know and take actions,
I will say it myself, But Not in here,
If its just for myself and my siblings,
I will post it here.
Because it just my monolog.
That being said out loud.
As they cant read my mind 
Unless I write it down.

Apa la..
Feeling bad as I've to say this.
Apa la..

..Am I..

Am I so bad,
That I dont even deserve,
To just being loved?

I always wonder that,
Am I so bad.
That nobody wants me.

Am I so bad?.. 

I just wonder..