Sunday, July 18, 2010



U will know when u meet a sister,Trust me!

erm ok..

I went to a place,
on the way to it,
I met somebody,
Never known her before,
We smile to each other from far away,
When get close,
She said,


"Nak pegi W*M* Center ep?"

"Aa inshaAllah"

My heart says,
"nape x teka aku nak gi the mIn*s ke, kan ke jalan ke sana?"

well, u will know when u meet a sister,
thats why u can give ur smile far away,
u can recognize her,
thats why u heart bound up when u met her
and u can easily fall in love with her..

Because we were already bonded
even though we have never met before
our love is bonded to HIM
more than words can say

Its All about love to Allah


  1. "Assalamualaikum"


    "Nak pegi K*L ep jumaat ni?"

    "Aa inshaAllah"


    so sweet entry nih!
    alhamdulillah.alhamdulillah.alhamdulillah :DD

  2. salam..

    alhamdulillah astaghfirullah..



    "I've got the permission for K*L this weekend, hope to find u there..and perhaps may join J*m for a while.."

    alhamdulillah...after a sadden curheart, then Allah let me to still be in the path..

  3. "assalamualaikum"


    "nice card there, who's the owner?"

    "well, be there in our K*L meeting,then it might be u then..."

    hehe...rindu sume!!!