Monday, July 12, 2010



Inilah nota kecik yang tak penting,
rasenye tayah bace kot,
Saje je coreng2 kat sini,
Moga hilanglah habuk2 blog ni yang berlambak..

"I'm back n ready to write.."

..ok sekian time kasih..


  1. salam ziarah!!..ct cepat2 conteng!! hehe..tukar layout yang terang sikit...layout pun dah berhabuk..

  2. salam sis.. it's been a long time since the last time i had a chat with u.. how's life? i know everything will be ok for u.. insya'Allah.. sy xpernah minta maaf kat akak lgi.. so, here.. dengan penuh kerendahan hati, saya minta maaf dri hujung rambut smpai hujung kaki.. i know that i'm not a good mad'u for u.. i hurt u a lot actually.. i know sorry won't able to heal your wound but still.. i'm so sorry for the things that i've done.. sedar atau tidak..

    jz want to let u know that u are a GREAT daie!! saya yg tertapis.. dan sekali lagi maafkan saya.. i dont know how much tears had fall from ur eyes because of me.. anyhow, u taught me a lot about life.. especially jalan dakwah ni.. which totally different from what i had experienced before..

    all the best in future.. thx for being with me all these days.. thx for everything.. frankly speaking, i'm still searching myself.. reconstructing my mind,heart,soul n senses too..

    jazakillah khair..


    diamnya saya bukan tidak peduli..
    diamnya saya bukan tak berisi..
    diamnya saya untuk muhasabah diri..
    kembali mencari hakikat sebenar penciptaan diri sndri..


  3. salam..

    cannot la jiha, i like this layout..donno why but i love dark layout sbb colour tulisan dia jadi cacthy....siap2 nak coreng la ni..

  4. #Crazerx

    salam my dear adik..
    hows life? me? hmm still survive..hows yours? miss to have chit chat with u..miss me? of course not, isnt it?

    who said that u are not my good adik? of course u have a been a good adik to me..all my adik2 have been a very good one to me..u never hurt me dear..and cant remember if u ever..huhuhu

    go and find youself, if u find it bring it one to me..(never think that u can "diam", becoz u are always donno know how to do so.)

    love to makan2 with u guys, talk till late night, watch u guys tido like a small baby, wake up early for qiam n go for exercise again..

    i'm always here my dear..need a shoulder to cry, open ears to hear, find me k..

    will pay u a visit soon..