Tuesday, July 23, 2013

..Another Path Passed Through..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I'll write,
So that I don't forget..

Its been a long night...
Longer than before..

A page of book is written,
And a new page begins..

Its been a long night,
Full with tears,
Full with mercy 
Full with blood,
From torn heart..

I will remember this night,
As I step through a new journey,
Refreshing my self,
My niat and my Goal.

I will remember this night,
As I did something 
That I will never done.

How could I'm not sad,
When I'm making people sad,
How could I'm not torn,
When I'm making people torn,
How could I'm not broken,
When I'm making people feel so..
Indeed I am..
More than words could describe.

Indeed I'm sad..


That this will change to happiness

I renew my Niat,
Begin my steps,
Rejuvenate my self,
For another long journey..

Its gonna be a long night,
Full with tears,
Asking for forgiveness,
From all the mistakes.

Its gonna be a long night,
Feel like I cannot take of the face,
From keep prostrating,
Hoping that HE will forgive me..

I hope HE even mind,
To see me,
Even for a while,
While I come to HIM carrying,
All the sins that I can.

I hope that HE can repair my mistakes,
Bandage all the hearts that I've ever broke.
After all, I hope HE forgive me,
Giving us strength,
To keep moving..

And tonight,
I will always remember,
"Tangan Allah di atas tangan-tangan mereka",
I've made promise,
Not with humans,
But With HIM..

I will come,
To fulfil my promise.

Forgive me O Allah..


~Now that we're here, feeling so good
~About all the things we went through
~ Knowing that God is pleased with us too
~ It’s not a dream, this is so true

May I be one of it.

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